Break free from the limits of today’s hyper converged solutions.

Help your customers accelerate their digital workplace transformation initiatives no matter where their data lives.

Technology continues to shape our everyday lives, while end-user demands are relentless. That’s why digital transformation tops the agenda for most of your enterprise customers. However, many of today’s end-user computing (EUC) infrastructures simply can’t keep pace with digital workplace transformation and user expectations for fast, consistent performance. The increase in endpoints, users, and graphics-intensive applications slows down performance, which frustrates power users.

How can HCI help your business?

NetApp HCI is a hybrid cloud infrastructure that delivers predictable performance for the entire range of desktops, databases, and applications in an EUC environment in a single, simple architecture.

In summary take advantage of these key benefits

Our Use Cases

Andes Technology

The only silicon intellectual property company in Asia. Over years it stocked too many hardware devices, which not only raised the difficulty of management but also covered the risk of single point of failure. Thus Andes adopts NetApp HCI in this year (2019) to consolidate its distributed services across different hosts and rebuilt a perfect IT environment which offers high reliability and high performance.

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Korea University Medical Center

Korea University Medical Center enhanced its infrastructure with NetApp HCI, enabling future growth and leadership in the healthcare industry. Using NetApp, Korea University Medical Center increased the flexibility, stability, and efficiency of its hospital system to improve patient care and satisfaction.

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JVCKENWOOD Corporation

JVCKENWOOD has adopted a hyper-converged infrastructure to renew its infrastructure at a key location for its automotive business. Here, real-world operations will demonstrate how the HCI product selected by the company differs from other HCI products and what advantages it confers.

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Genesis Networks

Genesis, as a managed service provider, has over the years accumulated different storage brands in their Data Center – including HPE, Nimble, Dell EMC, etc. As Genesis is transforming into a more analytical provider to their customers including AI/ML/DL, cyber security, amongst others. Genesis wanted to take this opportunity to consolidate and simplify their storage solution.

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